Editorial Board


Ju, Y.K.(Korea University)

Vice Chairmen(Managing Editors)

Kang, T.H.K.(Seoul National University)

Kim, H.S.(Sunmoon University)

Oh, M.H.(Mokpo National University)

Editorial Assistant

Park, Eun-Kyung.

Editorial Board Members

Ko, D.W.(Jeju National University)

Kim, J.Y.(Daewoo Institute of Construction & Engineering) orcid

Kim, S.D.(Semyung University) orcid

Yu, E.J.(Hanyang University) orcid

Kim, U.S.(California State University) orcid

Jung, H.M.(Kyungdong University)

Kim, D.H.(Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology) orcid

Kim, H.S.(Chongju University)

Song, H.C.(Korea Maritime University) orcid

Lee, S.J.(Gyeongsang National University)

Lee, J.H.(Sejong University)

Choi, S.M.(University of Seoul) orcid

Kang, W.H.(Western Sydney University) orcid

Park, H.S.(Yonsei University)

Yu, K.P.(Chonbuk National University)

Lee, S.J.(Korea University of Technology & Education) orcid

Hwang, J.S.(Chonnam National University) orcid

Kim, S.J.(Keimyung University) orcid